I just added a new shop in the database:
All info is correct, but the layout of the page is a complete mess and somehow I can't fix it. I added several shops before without problems. What to do?

I also posted this message in the 'discussions' on the shop page itself by incident. How to remove it?

All other shops I check now are a mess too, so obviously it's now my fault but a problem at VinylHub.

My question about how to remove the message remains the same...

now = not.... 'Not my fault' ;-)

Hey ZeroZone, thanks for alerting us about the issue.
It's been fixed so things should be back to normal now.

I run Into the same problem as ZeroZone's. The city of my shop is in Taipei, but the website showed my shop in Keelung. Please check the websites hereunder

Shop name: Rock Empire Music / Metal Gate CD & DVD Shop

rockempire: I'm not sure I fully understand the problem. Is the address / location shown on the map not correct?


The "Kelung City" part of the listing comes from Google's Geolocation api. According to it Tapei is the locality/city, Keelung City the region (or what they call administrative area level 2) and Taiwan is the country.

Hello, Taipei and Keelung are different citys. The map location is correct, but search result is wrong. If you search our shop "rockempire" you can see the different. It says "Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan" but no. It actually is "Taipei City, Taiwan"

That is odd, but as stated this information comes from Google maps / geolocation, it is looked up based on the address entered. We will investigate.


Hi there. I just added my shop from Lachine, Montreal, Canada, minutes ago.

How long to appear on the site ? All the best. Cheers.

@capricorne01: Your shop appears on the site right away. I had to change the formatting off the address a bit to get Google Maps to correctly understand it. It should show up on the frontpage map now.

Thank a lot Kalli.
In the other hand, when we wrote Montreal on the bar, we can found
others shop from the city, but not our. What we miss there ?
Thanks again.

It is listed under Montreal stores: https://www.vinylhub.com/record-stores/Montreal-QC-Canada

It is not shown in the search results for "Montreal" because of how the search indexing is currently done. This may change later.

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