I've listed new record store here, two weeks ago.

When entering the data I didn't realize that you have two options available for entering the store location in same country
1) Prague, Czech Republic
2) Prague, Czechia

At the moment the shop is located in Prague, Czechia but I would like to change location to Prague, Czech Republic. I don't see any option on store edit page to do that.


We use Google for location info. About 5 months ago, they updated from Czech Republic to Czechia. Any entry made or edited since then will be under Chechia in our database, and any made prior will be under Czech Republic.

This means that all the listings at https://www.vinylhub.com/record-stores/Prague-Czech-Republic need to have a blank edit done to update them, they appear to then be listed under Czechia at https://www.vinylhub.com/record-stores/Prague-Czechia

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