I haven't logged in for some time, but I had previously added the earlier, now closed location for Mills Record Company out of Kansas City. The current location still exists:

The store relocated, but existed in the now (possibly) deleted location around the corner (different street altogether) for just over three years (longer than they've been in the newer location at this point). The same thing happened for Love Garden in Lawrence, Kansas, which relocated to a different address a few blocks up the same street earlier this decade. Are older, now-closed locations for earlier store locations not allowed in the database? If not, that doesn't really make sense, since a given store could've operated out of a more well-known address for potentially decades. Can anyone provide some insight here? I want to know that my documentation hasn't been lost to the ethers of the web.

This is a good question. I get where you are coming from, wanting to keep a historical record of where shops were located seems valid to me. I guess the only complication would be all the duplicate (Closed) versions of a shop in the database?

Yes, good point. Would be enough to keep track of address changes in the versioning history of the shop? Duplication, with the previous addresses as closed, would be another way but doesn't seem ideal either.

In any case @gregorystitt the stores you mentioned are still there, just marked as merged and hidden from searches. So the data is still there (this goes for most stores marked as duplicate). Hope that addresses your concerns.


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