How to delete a store ? In fact a fake store :
Is there a procedure to request removal of a store ?


For now, just post in here and we'll delete it.


sorry I was too excited and didn't search for possible existing entries....

Please delete this:

because of this:

Great hub. Someone upped quite a few defunct stores in Amsterdam, Holland.
Please remove as you can see in the history of that shop it is gone already (sadly!)
And I might ask for more to delete, thanks

And Midtown, long gone too.

NovaFutures, I deleted the duplicate Hardwax.

Puffino, we're going to add a "closed" flag to indicate shops that are no longer in operation. I'd rather wait until that function is available instead of deleting the data.

Can you please remove these two duplicates.

I've removed those two. thanks!

hi, can you merge these dupes (or remove the 2nd one) ?
(is the first one in the "browse all" list)

this shop is not a record shop, it's a fake :

Please delete this because it's the wrong adress

Can you please remove this
It moved to another town.

This is listed twice.

and this is listed twiced too

These are both dupes of stores and can be deleted:

Whitelabel Records is listed on the map as being located in Orange, CT, USA but in reality its a record shop in one of the channel islands in the UK. Can this be removed from the CT map?

this one is out of business:

This one:
is a duplicate of this one:
– should be merged.

So, i have 3 little same things:
1. This one is an old place:
2. This shop must be deleted because
3. This shop is the same one, but with more informations
Or 2 and 3 merging and the data of 3 will be used.

Again Hardwax:
Please merge them two:;
Use the data from the first (with the 9). (duplicated) (keep)







please delete because of this


Please delete this duplicate:

Please delete this duplicate:


Please delete this duplicate:

Please ignore the message above. I managed to repair my mistake by simply turning this duplicate into a new entry for a store in another city.

Merge request:

Why delete closed stores? I would keep them for nostalgic reason and also make sure you can search on still existing ones properly. In the future I would like to relate bought releases to stores.

Please delete or merge this duplicate:
being the same store as:

This is not a physical store but a webshop:

hi, this one is a duplicate:

please delete my shop ArtPhönix, Nuremberg/Germany. My company has been closed since 12/2015. I continue my blog if interesting.

sorry, it me: Manfred

@mk1965: The shop has been marked as permanently closed. Hopefully shouldn't confuse anyone. Like mentioned above it still makes sense to keep closed stores around for archival reasons. Let me know if you still want it removed.

Hi all,
this store closed down two months ago:
However their online store is still running.

@yuhann: I've marked that store as closed, thanks for the heads up.

another try..

double entry. please..


i'm the owner,8.6901683,17z

thanks! merged the duplicate, thanks for the heads up, sorry we missed it the first time around.


please merge this, everything is working here

and this is now closed:


@ladisqueriaonline done, thanks for the heads up.

Also, just a note, any registered user can mark a shop as closed, not just admins.

thanks kalli, i'll try not to close a shop soon anyway ;) do you know why in the map the indication of closed is switched between this two record stores?

"Phonopolis" in Socorro New Mexico USA I think is erroneous. That address is an apartment building and no one in the area remembers there ever being a business there.

hey RichardAlbuquerque, I've removed that one, thanks for the heads up

Can you please remove Blast From Past Records in Smiths Grove, KY? I have taken this over and moved it to Jimbo's Records and Tapes in Gallatin, TN

please delete these stores. I visited last March 2018 and both shops were closed.

aware records, 82 juta street, Braamfontein, Joburg. Couldn't find the link on vinyl hub.


Thanks for the heads up. I have marked those stores as closed. For future reference please note that you can do the same by clicking "Edit this shop" and clicking the "permanently closed" checkbox.

thanks for the update.

Not sure what you mean with clicking " Edit this shop" and clicking the "permanently closed" checkbox.
under the " Edit this shop" button there are 4 options; edit images/follow/history/add one like this but not the "permanently closed" checkbox.

Clicking "Edit this shop" will take you to a form where you can edit a shops details. Among them is a checkbox where you can mark the shop as permanently closed (and then click save to save your changes)

thanks Kalli!
I see....clear and understood the procedure for future updates.

Please delete this store. I mistake saved.

removed, thanks for the heads up noric.

Please delete: which is incorrectly located and it's the same shop as this:

fixed, thanks for the heads up Spoons003

Sorry Kalli, you removed the wrong entry! is the correct address.

ah, I'm sorry, should be fixed (correctly!) now. Thanks again Spoons003

This one is a duplicate and should be removed. The other one has more, and valid information.

Hello, found a couple of duplicates:

Are both duplicates of: <- Keep this one as has the best info


is a duplicate of <- this one has a ton more info so keep this.


Sorry just realised I posted the same link twice for Fives. The link to keep is this one:, and delete

Thanks SounderMN and MorningSandwiches, these have been merged now

This shop in Zagreb, Croatia stopped selling LPs.

And this one is a duplicate:

(of this one )

Thanks kejcastis, I've merged those two duplicate stores and marked Bon Ton as closed. You can also mark any stores as closed yourself if you come across any others - just click 'Edit' and check the 'closed' box in the submission form. -> real shop -> duplicate in a position that never existed

merged, thanks carmine.buriana

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