Hi fellow Oggers!
Im thinking of taking a trip to Detroit. Digging for electronic vinyl, visiting the Submerge store and the museum. And of course other relevant recordstores. But im a bit "lost" about the dos and donts! It would be really helpful if some locals maybe could give me some advice. By replying or sending a private message. Another question is, how are Detroit august 2018. Is the city evolving, slowly coming out of the crisis?

Anyway, every output is preciated and im hoping to hear from a couple of you with some experience and know how about Detroit.
All the best, and thanks Morten.

hey mkamper, here's some Vinylhub links for Detroit and Michigan that might help


I've never been, so not much help on that front. But perhaps someone with more local knowledge will chime in too. Happy digging, I'd imagine there's a lot of good stuff to be found there, techno, funk, soul etc.

Hi Kalli

Thanks for posting. Preciate it.

Cheers Morten

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