Hi, I share a postal adress with another shop (Inbound) but on the 'explorer' map only the Inbound placemarker is visible. Presumably the Transition Records placemarker is underneath it? Is there a way to split them slightly without providing an incorrect address?

Any chance this could be addressed in some way? My shop is not visible at all on the map, no matter how close you zoom in.

On Google Earth, when 2 placemarkers are at the same address they 'split' when you hover over them. Is that not possible with the explorer map?

I've found a fix for this. When you click the marker it will show both shops in the window.

This fix will be out in the next few days.

Just wondering if this fix was ever implemented? Can't see my shop on the explorer map at all, it seems to still be 'under' the Inbound placemarker, and clicking that just shows the one shop in the caption window...

It seems all Vinylhub development has stalled. And no replying from admins either..

Thanks for the info chava. seems a shame...

I tried the discogs forum also. No help there either, though..

Is there any way to have both the shops displayed? I'm thinking of entering a slightly different address for my shop just so it shows...

transition: we are aware of this bug, and fixing it is on the roadmap. The fix teo mentions upthread is in place for regional views e.g. look at the markers for Inbound/Transition on this map:

We hope to have a fix for all maps soon.

Thanks so much! Looks to be fixed at all zooms. Much appreciated team. :-)

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