System-generated location is wrong

3 years ago

Last night I added entries for our three stores, and the system automatically assigned locations at the top of the listings. As a result, even though our address for one store is Tampa, Florida, the system-generated location says it's University, Florida." Therefore, if users of this site search for record stores in Tampa, our store does not come up in the search results.

For another of our locations, our address is Brandon, Florida, but the system-generated location says "Riverview, Florida."

How can we get the location names corrected?

Thanks for your help!
3 years ago
Can someone at VinylHub address this question? Thank you!
3 years ago
Hi, Erin. Those system-generated locations come from the google maps api. There are some quirks like this with certain areas, and I guess Tampa is another one.

I'm not sure the best way to solve this right now. But I'll have a think and do some research, and update this thread in the next few days.

3 years ago
Thank you, Teo!
3 years ago
Same problem with this russian shop

Looks like building didn't handled for some reason.
3 years ago
I added a new shop, but I was never asked to set a location

system generated some location in Sweden, which is wrong.

This is the store

and this is the right location
3 years ago
Hi - looks like it is fixed now. Did you just fix it by entering the location?
1 year ago
Hi Teo, I'm comming to this topic because I noticed that is a recurrent cuestion in the forum.

Here in Costa Rica the problem is worst: we don't have a proper format for addresses. Yeah, I know it sucks. But sometimes people just give addresses like 150 mts. south of the National Bank. Something like that.

If you don't mind I can suggest something that maybe you can test, so submitters can at
least work around with that and is by using coordinates in the first line or maybe use a format that the function that put the location in the map can do it correctly.

I don't know .. maybe something like [location=9.9359571,-84.0654847] so people can add it in the last line or something... Just an idea.