2 years ago
Just wondering how exactly this feature works or if it has even been implemented yet, thanks.
2 years ago
It will work just like collection/wantlist on Discogs. Sorry, the buttons are not on the shop pages yet. Coming soon...
2 years ago
You can start to document your Visits and Want To Visits :)

One request in that regard: Would be nice if the Visited and maybe also WantToVisits would have a different color on the Explorer Map. It encourages people to dot the whole World and therefore it will boost Vinyl sales. :D
2 years ago
I like that!
1 year ago
It would be helpful to have marks (like on Discogs) for Visited and WantToVisit in lists as well.
11 months ago
When I click on the visit/want to visit, it shows but goes away when I come back later & don't show in my profile section. Is there something I'm not doing right?
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