Missing Records

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Missing Records has proudly operated as an independent record shop, since it's opening in 1984.

We Buy / Sell Second Hand Vinyl, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray. Missing specialises in offering an eclectic mix of all forms of media, and you'll never know for sure what you will find!

We also sell Badges, Figurines, Books, Magazines as well as Various Memorabilia.

Our online shop is supplied with an array of vinyl and CDs which are available for free UK delivery.
247 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL, UK
0141 248 1661
  • Monday 10:30 17:30
  • Tuesday 10:30 17:30
  • Wednesday 10:30 17:30
  • Thursday 10:30 17:30
  • Friday 10:30 17:30
  • Saturday 10:30 17:30
  • Sunday 10:30 17:30


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