Records/Vinyl/R-t-R taps & etc., "Грампластинка"

Kyiv, Ukraine

We are a small records and music store
вулиця Вербова, 19,Київ, Украина, Павильон 32-А, Киев, Kyiv city, Ukraine, 04073
+380 97 7990033, +380 99 7990033
Also Sells
  • We sell
  • buy and exchange vinyl
  • audio cassettes and reel2reel tapes
  • Vintage Audio Equipment
  • we sell spare parts for players
  • - belts
  • spare needles
  • vinyl care systems
  • we manufacture ultrasonic washing of vinyl in the presence of the customer.


SuperShop2016 posted 5 months ago:

Excellent shop! Many rarities from the world of music. Acceptable prices. Recommend!

Eugene7 posted 3 weeks ago:

Hey. Welcome to our online store.
Thank you for your interest in our vinyl records =)

We are here, Welcome! (Subscribe to us and get a discount):

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