Roundabout Music Company

Whitesburg, Kentucky, United States

Roundabout Music Company is a worker-owned cooperative music store located in downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky, tucked away in the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. We see Roundabout as a multi-purpose community art space, centered around a retail storefront selling vinyl records, CD’s and tapes, musical instruments and supplies, custom hand-printed clothing and work from local artists. In addition to the storefront, we offer services including music lessons, custom screenprinting, audio recording and mastering, and a shared studio space for local musicians and artists.

Roundabout Music Company is proud to be organizationally structured as a worker-cooperative. This means that there is no division between the ownership and management of the company and its workers. The business functions as a participatory democracy which shares its gains and losses equitably. We’re glad to be a part of building a new economy here in the mountains of Appalachia, particularly one that is based on local and democratic ownership.
357 E Main St, Whitesburg, KY 41858, USA
  • Tuesday 12:00 ???
  • Wednesday 12:00 ???
  • Thursday 12:00 ???
  • Friday 12:00 ???
  • Saturday 12:00 ???
Also Sells
  • vintage musical instruments & equipment
  • local art
  • and screenprinted merchandise.


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