Young Loud & Snotty

Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States

Young Loud & Snotty is a combination Vinyl Record Shop & Skateboard store. Young Loud & Snotty opened its doors in August of 2010 in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Some of the genres of records available are Rock, Metal, Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Soul, Indie, Hardcore, Blues, Techno, Industrial, Jazz, Pop, Crust, Classical, Soundtrack, Holiday and much more.

The proprietor of Young Loud & Snotty is Dale Kellerman. Dale grew up Skateboarding and going to all types of punk and metal concerts. Punk, Metal and other genres of music have been inspirational to his life. Dale has collected records for many years and now shares 5,000+ of these for sale at his store. He is also a guitarist and singer in the punk back The Reachers.
79 Sailfish Dr E, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, USA
(904) 247-4140
  • Tuesday 12:00 ???
  • Wednesday 12:00 ???
  • Thursday 12:00 ???
  • Friday 12:00 ???
  • Saturday 12:00 ???
  • Sunday 12:00 ???
Also Sells
  • Skateboards
  • Tapes
  • CD'S
  • Comic Books
  • T-Shirts
  • Turntables
  • Posters
  • Video Games
  • Pins
  • Patches


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